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Brand new from flatland3d is the first Toe-Stop for the Evolve Bamboo GT. This Toe-Stop provides the rider with quick non-visual feedback on ideal foot placement to avoid toe / wheel contact. Inspiration for this design came from riding our All Terrain setup over bumpy backcountry fields and paths, and constantly checking to make sure our feet aren’t sliding too far forward. Made out of High Strength ABS Plastic, and designed with a symmetric shape for both regular and goofy riding styles. In stock and ready to ship!

***Fits Evolve Bamboo GT nose ONLY***


All flatland3d products are covered by a limited warranty against manufacturing defects. flatland3d will make the final judgement at their discretion to whether any damage qualifies as a defect, or is normal wear and tear. If it is determined a defect exists, flatland3d will repair or replace the damaged part free of charge. Reach out to info@flatland-3d.com if you have questions about our warranty or to make a claim.


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