Evolve LCD REMOTE Sale

by: Evolve

Brand new features have been designed specifically for our GT Series boards. The discreet rechargeable remote has evolved! The ergonomic design and quality feel now comes with soft touch buttons and a 1 inch LCD display for instantaneous real-time feedback of your ride performance. Our new display shows exact battery usage (as a percentage), current ride speed, a trip odometer and a clear display of the performance mode selected. It also offers a reverse function and the ability to calibrate the speed output to a variety of compatible wheels.

The Evolve GT Series Remote, Evolve has Evolved.

NOTE: The new Evolve Remote is compatible ONLY with our GT Series boards and the Bamboo ONE. It will not function with any other make or model of electric skateboard, our previous models included.

Extensive work has gone into programming the new performance modes to ensure the perfect ride is available to everyone:

SLOW mode has been designed with a very soft trigger and a max speed of around 8mph. Perfect for the beginner or first time user to operate the board with full confidence so they can concentrate on mastering the basics.

ECO mode has been designed with the long distance traveler, or cruisy laid back ride in mind. Top speed is lifted to almost 18mph, but trigger progression is light and smooth to ensure economical performance and a very unintimidating ride.

FAST mode starts to test the performance boundaries. Top speed lifted again, allowing maximum speed up to around 23mph and a trigger designed to channel the true performance of the electric skateboard. Our preferred performance mode.

GT Mode, the penultimate namesake of our series. Not for the faint or weak hearted - this will get the pulse racing. GT mode has insane acceleration and will allow the board to ride up very steep hills of up to 25% gradient. Definitely a mode for the experienced rider.

Please note: the above specs listed apply to the GT boards only. Stats may differ when using the LCD remote with other models.

How often do I need to charge my remote?
Typically the remote's battery will outlast the board's battery for at least 2-3 rides. However, it is good practice to charge the remote when charging the board.

Will this remote work with my Gen2 board?
The GT Remote is only compatible with the GT Series and the Bamboo ONE.


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