Eulogy Jeff Dalnas Anchor 2018 Pro Wheel

by: Eulogy

USD pro rider Jeff Dalnas has been on the Eulogy team for a long time and has been honored with yet another set of signature wheels this time with a heavy maritime theme. Eulogy’s dedication to making high quality wheels for well over a decade will make these an obvious choice for your next purchase! Still a flat profile.

Eulogy Jeff Dalnas Pro Wheels use the same E2 urethane formula develop by Eulogy in previous releases, which gives them a better, longer lasting roll.

The 57mm 89A spec, are great for park or street setups. Skaters will benefit from higher speed capability and these wheels are perfect for ramp or half-pipe tricks.

  • 4 pack
  • 57mm 89A
  • E2 urethane

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