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Rest easy as your pal takes his time to land his trick. If you shoot or film with a bubble, death, or fish lens. These things will save your knees and allow you to comfortabley get that low shot. 

Etcetera's Description:
Nothing is worse than trying to shoot or film someone or something from the same position on your knees, side, etc. for long periods of time. This knee pad designed by Chase Gabor, the head filmier at the Berrics, solves that problem with a top quality thick EVA top layer and a grippy rubber bottom. Easily attaches to your camera bag.

  • Protects Knees While Filming & Taking Photos
  • High Quality Soft EVA Top Layer
  • Long Lasting Grippy Rubber Bottom
  • Dimensions 18" x 12" x 1"
  • Handle for Easy Carrying & Attaching
  • A Necessity for any Videographer or Photographer
  • Designed By Chase Gabor

Great gift for your filming buddy!

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