Dinosaurs Pow Reaper Snowboard 2020 - Sale

by: DWD

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Dinosaurs Will Die Pow Reaper Coffin Snowboard

Make sure to ask the fresh snow in front of you if it has any last words before you lay waste to it on the Dinosaurs Will Die Pow Reaper Snowboard. This new shape from DWD was built for slaying untouched pow lines without mercy. Part of the secret to its ruthless pow-slaying tendencies is its tapered directional shape. The narrower tail helps the longer, wider nose effortlessly float, so you don't have to burn out your back leg to stay afloat. Rocker at the tips adds more float into the equation, and the flat middle section gives it a stable feel for pointing steeps and dropping cliffs. Plus, the macabre graphic and ominous tip shapes will make any skiers think twice about poaching your line.

  • Powder-specific shape for killing it in fresh snow
  • Flat with rocker tips provides floaty, stable feel
  • Directional tapered shape keeps nose up in pow
  • Medium flex offers versatile feel
  • Birch stringers in poplar core add strength and snap
  • Sintered base keeps you gliding fast over deep snow
  • Square tips shapes add unique look

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