Create Originals CRS "Deluxe Suspension" Kit

by: Create Originals

Each CRS "Deluxe Suspension" frame kit comes with:

  • 1 pair of white color made in the USA frame chassis
  • 3 sets (16 each, 48 total) of Urethane Spacers
  • 1 set (16) of Stainless Steel Spacer Sliders
  • 2 sets (8 each, 16 total) of Stainless Steel Rigid Spacers
  • 1 set of 8mm CRS axles included


The worlds first and only Custom Ride System (CRS) inline skate frame. Features include a patent pending mounted Spacer Slider Shock Absorption system which can be customized to the user's desire.

The Spacer Sliders allow each attached inline skate wheel to independently move upwards against a small urethane dampener embedded in the frame wall. Vibrations from uneven pavement and the impact forces from harsh landings that occur while inline skating can be reduced or completely eliminated.

This system can be precisely tuned to each individual's desired ride comfort and suggested weight specification.

Product Features

  • Patent Pending Fully Customizable Urethane Suspension
  • "Spacer Slider System" with 3mm Max Travel
  • Completely Symmetrical, Rotatable, & Replaceable Single Piece Core Construction
  • Side Wall Speed Dimples & Recessed Hardware ensures the Fastest and Smoothest Sliding/Grinding available
  • Precisely Angled and Curved H-Block Groove for perfectly balanced tricks
  • Rockerable and Rigid Solid Spacers allow for Standard Hi-Lo Setup
  • 59mm Max Flat Rocker and Anti-rocker with Suspension Spacers
  • 62mm Max Anti-rocker with Rigid Spacers
  • 8mm Stainless Steel Custom Length CRS Axles
  • Made in the USA frame chassis

Small: US 5-8.5

Large: Us 9-12

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