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by: Fix Binding Co.

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The HIGHLUX is our winged highback park specific binding designed for maximum support while pressing and riding other park features. The memory gel straps, and adjustable EVA footbeds add to the comfort and customizability of this amazing binding.

FLEX RATING: Highback: 6/10  |  Base Tray: 6/10
STRAPS: Memory Gel Straps
WEIGHT: 894g (per binding)
MOUNT: Compatible with 4 hole and 2 hole systems
IN THE BOX: Mounting hardware | Regrind wax scraper | Bindings (duh!)
WARRANTY: We back these bindings with an industry first lifetime warranty on the base tray and buckles. (1 year on other parts)

FIX SAYS: "Why would you want or need a wing on your highback?  Well, it's for additional support so you can really lock-in while riding features in the park. It keeps you balanced and centered over the board."

First Shot Nylon | Aluminium Buckles | Urethane Dampening Pad | EVA Footbeds | Highback EVA | Memory Gel Straps

Fix binding box is made from waste from our manufacturing process. This excess plastic (called Regrind) is typically chewed up and injected back into bindings. The problem with this process is that it's impossible to monitor how much Regrind goes back into your bindings which can make them full of air bubbles like Swiss Cheese. Creating a reusable transportation box for our bindings is not only an environmentally friendly solution but also great for the durability of our bindings.

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