Carver 32.25" Scape Surfskate 2021 Replacement Deck - Sale

by: Carver

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A classic pool board shape with a wider 8 7/8” template, it’s the supreme park board for anyone who’s always wanted to surf transition with speed and flow. Featuring art by Daren Magee, AKA Real Fun, Wow!

For years we've been blending surf and skate, but as surfskate progresses and riders incorporate more traditional skateboard tricks into their style, we set out to design equipment that supports this progression. Lower, narrower trucks, new school double kick deck mold and smaller wheels all facilitate tricks while still supporting grippy, snappy carving. 

Deck Specs:

Width: 8 7/8"
Nose: 5 3/4"
Tail: 6 1/2"
Wheelbase: 15 3/8"

Set Up:

Front Truck: N/A
Back Truck: N/A
Griptape Style: Park
Stock Wheels: N/A

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