Boosted Board 2nd Gen V2 Dual+ SR Sale

by: Boosted

2nd Gen Boosted Board Dual+ V2

This is one of our favorite boards of all time. Built on a Loaded Longboard Deck, you can't go wrong!

Free $50 Thuro Gift Card With local purchase of a Boosted board when you pay in cash. 

Full service, assistance, installation and professional fitting for protective gear and accessories on Boosted boards (In-store only)


  • 2,000 watts of power
  • 22 mph top speed
  • Climbs 25% grade hills
  • 7 mile range with Standard Battery*
  • 12 mile range with Extended Battery
  • Extra traction grip tape 14.7-15.5 lbs

Reach exhilarating top speeds that get you there faster.

Amazing Feel:
The shock-absorbing bamboo deck and grippy 80mm wheels keep your ride smooth.

Come to a stop quickly and easily with regenerative braking.

Climb steep hills without breaking a sweat.

Remote Control:
Control your ride with an ergonomic, bluetooth-enabled remote.



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