Bataleon ETA Snowboard Deck - 156cm Sale

by: Bataleon

The ETA was developed with Ethan Morgan for stomping big landings. It's essentially the Evil Twin sculpted with a special 3BT asymmetric twin shape. Because applying power on your heel edge (no hyphen) is different than applying power on your toe edge (no hyphen) we put a different 3BT uplift on each side. This creates a uniquely balanced riding experience. Since the board maintains a twin shape and sidecut, unlike other asymmetric boards, it's more comfortable riding regular and switch. This is s next level 3BT shape that lets you hit the park with power and carve like a madman all with just one board. Scientifically magic.


  • Core: Full Poplar and beech hard wood laid tip to tail along the inserts to enhance the board's jib, jump, and freestyle riding attributes. The added beech hardwood strengthens the board's backbone and puts out potent pop while still offering a comfortable lateral flex.
  • Triax Laminate: Their traditional and time tested three way weave of fiberglass, made light, strong, and responsive.
  • Carbon Stringers: Carbon is feather light and adds explosive pop, precise edge control, reactive response, and smooth dampening to a board.
  • Hyper Glide: Their standard sintered base that's tough and fast and even faster when waxed.

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