AO Epsilon Fork - Sale

by: Alpha Omega

AO Epsilon Fork This lightweight, super strong fork is forged from a block of aluminum under 5 tons of pressure. This process re-aligns the molecules and makes it so dense that it is 2.5 times stronger than regular machined aluminum.


Fork type: Threadless

Bar type: oversized Compatible with: Lucky HIC, SCS, iHIC compression systems Wheel diameter: 100mm, 110mm Wheel profile: Flat, Narrow Weight: 380g Fork design: One-piece, forged Material: Aluminum 6061 T6 Fork length: 7” (178 mm) Wheel offset: 10mm Axle: high tensile Chromoly (12.9 grade) Axle type: M5, Lock nut, Frame Spacer type: Built-in Starnut system: Built-in thread (closed top)

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