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This is a great Stand Up for riders of all weights and all skill levels. *In store pick-up only*

NSP's Description:
The NSP 11'6" E2 Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is the ultimate expedition board for long haul missions on flat water, fitness training, and heavy paddlers wanting a stable board they can use a multi-purpose vehicle.
Generous dimensions and a robust plan shape throughout make this board exceptionally stable and easy to ride. At 224 liters this board is popular with SUP school operators, beginners and the more adventurous paddlers who like to stay high and dry regardless of their location.

Boxy full rails add to the stability of this model, and the rocker and bottom contours have been geared to maintain glide and flow once the board has forward momentum. It only takes a few easy strokes to get the 11'6" up and running, even for first time paddlers.

While primarily a flat water SUP, the 11'6" should also be considered for heavier paddlers who want to take to the ocean and the surf. It'll catch waves effortlessly and the volume up front makes it easy to walk the board and nose ride.

The reliable 2 + 1 fin configuration offers consistency across all conditions, and the E2 Epoxy construction is light, very durable, and produces a smooth, slick surface that glides through the water. Approximate board weight: 15kg/33lbs

The NSP 11'6" E2 SUP has enough volume to accommodate any size and weight paddler, and it can even double as a family tandem board. The stability of this SUP gives overwhelming confidence to the rider, which translates to endless hours of fun on the water.

Length - 11'6''
Width - 33''
Thick - 4 3/4''
Volume - 224 ltr
Fins supplied - 9" Center FCS M3 Sides
Aprox Weight Range - ideal for all weights

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