Switchback Bindings Destroyer 2017

by: Switchback

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A nod to the classis shred days when flicks like Destroyer ruled. The Destroyer is a versatile binding that comes with the all-but-basic basic baseplate for close contact with the board and a no-bullshit Standard Highback for the proper amount of flex and support. It's finished with the freestyle focused Miller-straps and a black and white pattern for a timeless look.


Less Material, More Flex: They design their baseplates with a minimal amount of rigid material touching the board’s topsheet when mounted. This not only saves weight, but also gives the binding and your board a more natural 360-degree flex pattern underfoot.

Bumper Corners: They place a rubber bushing along the bottom rim of the binding to absorb vibration, enhance flex, and help cushion harsh landings. The corners and sides are thicker to protect your topsheet and promote flex, and the toes and heels are thinner for more direct control and terrain feel..

Direct Steering: The bumper bushing is contoured with less material around the heels and toes for improved edge-to-edge response and smooth power transfer. It also helps you feel the terrain in a smooth kind of way. 

Strap Position: these baseplates offer two easily adjustable strap mounting positions: a higher setting that gives you more response and boot hold, and a lower one that offers more freestyle flexibility. Play with them and find your perfect fit.

Tool-Free Ladders: These straps are easy to adjust for fit and riding style and require no tools to do so. The ladder straps simply snap in, as do their highbacks and baseplate padding. No worries of losing loose nuts or screws, ever!

Totally Tool-Less: These highbacks click right in with ease and are just as easy to remove as well. Fold them up and down as much as you need to fit in car racks, gondolas, board bags and under chairlift seats without fear of losing pivotal nuts and bolts.

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