Seba TriX80 Skates Sale

by: Seba

The new TRIX skate is very comfortable, precise and light, this skate is ready for fast city skating and some nice freestyle tricks. It features a carbon fiber/fiberglass blend for the boot, and a unique triangle cuff design that provides good lateral support while allowing front and back motion. Can be easily fitted with a carbon or plastic cuff for an improved control. Perfect for Freeride, City Skating and Freestyle.


  • Carbon Fiber + Fiber Glass Shell, Size 34 - 47
  • Top Power Strap + Spider Micrometric Buckle + Front Strap + Laces
  • Deluxe Frames 243mm (80mm)
  • Seba CC 80 mm/ 85A Wheels
  • Twincam ILQ9 Slalom Pro Bearings 

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