Razors Cult Cream Skates Boot Only 2017

by: Razors

Razors CREAM Reissue Classic Cult Shell Boot Only. For those who want to customize their skate or already have wheels, bearings, frames. 

"The reissue of our classic Razors model - the original Cream was first introduced just under 20 years ago.  Still using the same trusted boot shell, we've upgraded this latest version with UFS soul frames and our new cuff.  Still a solid choice for beginner to advanced skaters looking for superior performance without breaking the bank.

We've also realigned and centered the UFS mounts for boot sizes 10-13, placing the wheels and groove right where it feels and looks best."


Black Cult Shell with Cream Highlights

Replaceable Soul Frame & Backslide Plates

Replaceable Cuff with 'buckle stash'

Razors Liner

Available in sizes 6-13, including 10.5

Boot Only

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