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Thanks to its high-end design and performance the Pass Pro Carbon is a true stand out. This downhill skateboard helmet owes its classy profile and light weight to TSG's innovative vacuum bag-mould production process of its carbon construction. This also provides perfect aerodynamics and a fit that adapts perfectly to each individual's head shape. The foam thickness of the Magnetic Quick-Release Cheek Pads can be adjusted for a fine-tuned fit. At the same time, the spheric visor is offering a wide and distortion-free field of vision. Thanks to Vent Ports around the nose and the Exhalation Fogging Blocker around the mouth, exhaled breath exits without fogging up the visor.


  • Material - Carbon Fiber, EPS, Yaoli fabric liner
  • Safety Standard - EN 1078, ASTM F1952
  • Weight - 930 g


    • Hardshell carbon construction
      Carbon reinforced fibre for high-end, full-face helmets with reduced weight.
    • Vacuum Bag-Mould
      Vacuum Bag Moulding is an advanced construction process that eliminates trapped air and compresses the multiple layers of a helmet shell. The result is a stronger but lighter shell that delivers a clean and refined surface.
    • Air Flow Channels
      Air Flow combines active vents with eight air channels in the helmet’s foam liner that pull cool, fresh air over and around your head while forcing stale air out. This ultimate cooling-system allows great airflow and breathability.
    • Nose Vent Ports
      Two small vent ports in the nose area allow air exchange
    • Fogging-blocker in 2 sizes
      The exhalation-fogging-blocker positioned around the nose ensures that exhaled air doesn’t flow up to fog the visor. The fogging blocker is made of soft foam and is supplied in two sizes for premium adaptation to different facial geometries.
    • Ear Slots
      Small openings at ear level improve the wearer’s perception of ambient noise.
    • Washable Comfort Liner
      Quick-dry liner padding: Removable and (hand) washable.
    • Magnetic quick release cheek pads
      The magnetic release mechanism allows cheek pads to be pulled out quickly in order to remove the helmet with minimum stress to a rider in emergency situations. In race situations, it also allows fast fresh airflow between stages without removing the helmet. Or swap them out for cleaning and drying. It is quick and easy.
    • Size adjust cheek pads
      Additional foam wedges can be installed into the cheek pads to adjust thickness to fit all faces
    • 2 Spherical lenses (clear and tinted with anti-scratch/anti-fog treated)
      The spherical lens geometry supports distortion-free vision right to the periphery. Each helmet comes with two visors: mirrored, tinted and clear, for various light conditions. The inside of the visor comes with anti-fog coating and the outer with anti-scratch treatment to protect it from light wear and tear. Visors are CE EN174 certified.
    • Sealed view window
      The view window has a sealing so that the visor is completely sealed when closed, and no airflow comes in.
    • Double D-Ring Closure

    Sizing Chart: (note this size chart is from the reg tsg helmets - the Carbons fit about a size smaller)

    - 54-56 cm / 21.3-22 in (head circum.)
    - 56-58 cm / 22-22.8 in (head circum.)
    - 58-60 cm / 22.8-23.6 in (head circum.)
    - 60-61 cm / 23.6-24 in (head circum.)

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