Boston Skatepark Ground Breaking Ceremony Thursday October 23rd at 9:00AM

After over a decade of talk, countless general interest meetings and millions of dollars raised, the project stood stagnant and many thought this day would never come,
"To your left you see the future site of the Boston skatepark opening in 2007" is joked about on public duck tours.

Although there was enough money raised to build the park, the project finally gained momentum back in July when Vans footwear gifted $1.5M as well as money for upkeep to the CRC for future years.

Thursday October 23rd marks the skatepark's ground breaking ceremony. Steve Van Doren from Vans will be there as well as elected officials and its happening rain or shine. Thuro is ecstatic for the Boston action sports scene as we have never known what its like to have a local skatepark.

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